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Lastenrad – Camioncyclette – BigBasket

In feinstem antiAKWgelb lässt sich bei 120 KG Zuladung bestimmt einiges an Energie verheizen…

Christophe Machet über sein Lastenrad Design Camioncyclette:

„Most cargo bicycles today are actually transformed regular frames, with added baskets, or boxes… That’s why in most cases they look rough. Boxes are often made from plywood and are so squarish. Let’s say that they are bicycles with added baskets…

Camioncyclette is a big basket with added wheels. basically, it is a rectangular basket which i cut space for the wheels and the cyclist, the rest is dedicated to the loading. It allows us to use the whole space to carry the loading. The basket is actually the frame of the rolling object. That’s why, in a resonnable space, more than 120L of stuff can be loaded ! The front basket is not moving with the front wheel, which makes the ride more stable and safer. Around the crank there space for two batteries in case the user wants an electric assistance.“

Ebenfalls passend zu den Blockaden der letzten Tage… Traffic Sheep :)

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