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Imagine how much better the world would be if more people rode bicycles

The self assembling bicycle

31.1. 2017: Schön, wenn sich heutzutage noch jemand Zeit lässt. In diesem Fall genau 5349 Bilder lang. ... weiterlesen »


14.10. 2016: A conceptual short by Gian Paul Lozza on Patrick Seabase's fixed-gear cycling. Filmed at Sustenpass Switzerland in 2016. weiterlesen »

Experiments in Speed

24.7. 2013: Fotos: George Marshall donhoubicycles.com weiterlesen »

Shortfilm: Cool Unicorn Bruv

26.1. 2013: a shortfilm by Ninian Doff weiterlesen »

‚Father and Daughter‘ by Michael Dudok de Wit

25.1. 2012: ‚Father and Daughter‘ (2000), 8:30min is a short animation film by dutch animator and illustrator Michael Dudok de Wit edit 19.2.2012:... weiterlesen »

Shortfilm: Day Labor

14.12. 2011: A tale of bike messengers, day labors, and outsourcing gone wild. weiterlesen »

david martin – le son du pignon (2008)

25.10. 2009: A bicycle repairman absorbed in dull everyday work is swept over by the repetitive rhythm. weiterlesen »