Lenker Idee Part 4! Moorson adjustable handlebar.


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Lenker Idee Part4!

Diesmal ohne Fragezeichen, weil zwar ein wenig fragwürdig, dafür aber gutaussehend.

The Moorson Twin Tube was one of the first unorthodox frame designs, patented in 1926. With an eye to producing a light yet rigid frame, F.E. Moorson’s design brought the seat and chain stays forward to the head tube where they were flattened and welded. This eliminated the need for lugs, producing a strong and rigid frame that could be built with any frame angles desired. Moorson also designed and patented an adjustable handlebar whose bend could be changed to any number of styles, from flat to Lauterwasser bend. The Moorson Twin Tube was used by a number of successful racers in England during the late 1920’s -1930’s.

Moore Moorson Images and photo above from: theracingbicycle.com/Moorson.html

The Moorson history at Tony Hadland’s Page: hadland.me.uk/moorson.html


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