Bicycle Portraits


"I wanted share a project on your blog that I’m
working on […] Thought you might like it…"

Ja,  in der Tat – "Bicycle Portraits, everyday South Africans and their bicycles." ist ein Photo-Buch von Stan Engelbrecht und Nic Grobler aus Süd-Afrika, was erst noch gedruckt werden will. Via kickstarter haben sich bisher rund 5.000$ eingesammelt um die Produktion des Buches zu finanzieren. Bei 50$ oder mehr Vorfinanzierung hat man automatisch das Buch vorbestellt. Kickstarter, war mir unbekannt bis eben - offensichtlich lässt sich da aber für Kunst und Kulturprojekte ganz ordentlich Geld einsammel - good luck!

Lohnt sich mal anzugucken:

I’ve had this bike for 10 years now. Serious. When you cycle you need to stay safe and consider four… no, five things. One, you need brakes, if you don’t have brakes, just leave the bike at home – it is too dangerous. Two, you need good tyres, if you have bad tyres without grip, forget about the bike. Three, if you turn, you need to let the cars know. If you going to the right show them two fingers, it means you are going together. Number four, if you have long pants, put it inside your socks, otherwise it might end up in your chain and then you might end up under a car, you never know, you might fall this way or that way. Number five, go straight, don’t dance with the cars, the road is not for dancing, just go straight. The bike is very dangerous. So remember, your bike… the brakes, the tyres, signals, your pants and go straight. Beware. (Jak Khoza)

Bicycle Portraits – everyday South Africans and their bicycles.
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