Serie: Triple Rush



Triple Rush wurde 2011 im Travel Channel in den USA erstausgestrahlt. Die FB Seite "Save Triple Rush" bemüht sich um den Erhalt/die Wiederholung der Serie, zeitweise gab es einige Folgen bei Youtube, aber in schlechter Qualität. Nun scheinen auf den Travel Channel Servern über direkt Links 7 Folgen nach wie vor abrufbar zu sein :)

"Triple Rush gives you an insider’s look at the chaotic workings of 3 different NYC courier companies as they battle for survival in this intensely competitive industry. We’ll witness the bike messengers' hair-raising dashes through busy Manhattan streets — speeding between cars, racing through red lights and doing battle with taxicabs — all to earn a few dollars and support their lives in the fast lane. We’ll also meet the dispatchers, who balance the needs of messengers who want non-stop, lucrative runs, customers who want excellent service and owners who want kick-ass couriers who don’t make mistakes"

Ep1 – The Rookies

Ep2 – You Can’t Dispatch

Ep3 – The Rain

Ep4 – The Money

Ep5 – The Pressure

Ep6 – The Grind

Ep7 – The Crossroads

Ep8 – Hell Week

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