Double Trouble Alleycat



DOUBLE TROUBLE – Hamburg X Köln / Fundraiser Alleycat

1 Manifest, 2 Städte, 2 Rennen! Die gleichen Straßen, die gleichen Checkpoints – alles zur selben Zeit! Hamburg und Köln sammeln $$$ ein für die Finanzierung der prECMC und preCMWC

"People say this is madness. Racing the same Alleycat at the same time, in TWO different cities! Some already got lost and have never been seen again. Others disappeared in front of their mates eyes. SNAP! Just like that. The myth says that when you don’t keep up your speed, normal physics kick back in and rip you out of both cities! This damages the space time continuum of your reality and – at least theoretically – traps you between the two dimensions. Unable to interact or to be seen by your environment. Madness…
The winners and survivers though earn eternal fame and glory in the universe! Plus, the anti-matter they collected on the way will feed the launching of the pre-events of the greatest competitions of all. The ECMC in Copenhagen and the dreaded CMWC in Paris. Come and join us on this journey! There will be good food, nice people and funky prices to win! See you on the other side."

14. Mai 2016, 16 Uhr: Registrierung (5 EUR)
Start: 17 Uhr @ Marktstraße

ab 19 Uhr After Race Party und Soli-Tombola
im 'Raum für Fahrradkultur', Valentinskamp 28A-B, Hamburg / Gängeviertel

Pssst… keine Beine fürs’s Alleycat aber trotzdem die prECMC supporten wollen?
Einfach Bier und Lose für die Tombola im Radraum kaufen!

Alle Termine:

ECMC Pre-Event – You said it’s urgent!
15. – 18. Juli, Hamburg

ECMC – European Cycle Messenger Championships
21. -24. Juli, København

CMWC Pre-Event – Chistole Pistol!
28. – 31. Juli, Köln

CMWC – Cycle Messenger World Championchips
1. – 7. August, Paris


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