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Raleigh Team / Pro Frames Timeline






1974 Raleigh Team Pro

Raleigh Team Professional Track 74


1975 team professional

1975 team track


1976 Raleigh Team Pro

 1976 catalogue images: Sheldon Brown


80er pro frames raleigh team

Reynolds 753 | Team Color, Gold, Midnight Blue


Team Replica 82
1982 | Team Replica 12 | 52-65cm
Campagnolo Nuovo Record ensemble including gear, chainset, brakes, pedals, seatpin and small flange quick release hubs. TI Reynolds 531 Team Professional frameset. Mavic GP4 alloy sprint rims. Cinelli alloy bend and stem.











team raleigh panasonic
1984 | Team Replica 12 | Panasonic/Raleigh Racing Team Colors

team framesets 84


125 Years RALEIGH – TI RALEIGH TEAM REPLICA | Reynolds 525 CrMo | £2,000.00

Serial Numbers (bottom bracket):
W (for Worksop, where Professionals would have been built), or
SB (for Ilkeston, where Team bike frames were built). RaleighSerialNumbers.jpg

More Raleigh Links:
flickr group: The Raleigh Bicycle Nottingham

Famous Team T.I. Raleigh Riders:
Joop ZoetemelkJan RaasGerrie KnetemannHennie KuiperUrs FreulerHenk LubberdingRene Pijnen, Johan van der Velde.

52 Responses:

  1. Benjamin Says:

    Hey, was sind das eigentlich für Sättel, die da ab den Achtzigern auf dem Team Pro waren?

  2. Benjamin Says:

    Ah, schon gesehen ISCA Tornado …

  3. James Says:

    What a fantastic resource. I used to have a 531 Team bike in 1980, which I regretably sold to buy other things. I have recently bought a 1983 Team Pro frameset with 531C tubing, to which I’m going to build up with Pat.83 Campy Super Record. I would like to get a 753 frameset as well, but where can I get one?

  4. paul Says:

    Hi, greetings from Western Australia.
    Great seeing these images of classic Raleighs. I have just bought a TI Raleigh „Rapide“ I think it is from 1980 with a 531 frame and full colnago / campy bling.
    It’s in good condition, hopefully if the weather is good I will be taking „her“ out on the road this weekend ;-)

  5. Jochen Says:

    I have a Raleigh Panasonic 1984 Team Replica Campa SR for sale. Size 59 531, very good condition

  6. rob sargent Says:

    Hi, I have just found this site..
    Recently I aquired a Raleigh Panasonic 753 team bike and am now looking to sell it..
    Anybody looking for same??

  7. tom Says:

    Original one owner Raleigh 753 SB8230. I rode it in 1987 and is fully equipped with Campy Record C. It is for sale and welcome any inquiries.

  8. chris Says:

    Hello anybody have a 1992 752 team frame or complete bike for sale 53-54 cm

  9. chris Says:

    what size frame any picts?

  10. Gene Kahn Says:

    Here are the serial numbers on the BB of my very old Raleigh Team
    Record frame. Can you give me a date of building? Any other info?


    WH 8006127

  11. Renato Says:

    Hi Gene, as far as i know…

    W = Worksop (Carlton)
    H = June
    8 = 1978 or 1988
    6127 = how many frames where built

  12. Gene Kahn Says:

    Raleigh Decals.

    Can you tell me how to get new decals for a 70s era Raleigh Team
    Record road bike?

  13. Bike Rider Says:

    Rob – I’m interested. How do I contact you? And what size is it?

  14. Reiner Says:

    Hi, I`am an owner of an bad repainted 1981 Team professional frame. For rebuilding I need all sticker. Can anybody tell me a dealer for the sticker and the number for the colour.

  15. Gene Kahn Says:

    Anyone know how to get original Raleigh Team Record
    decals? And how to look up date by serial number?


    Gene, Brooklyn NY

  16. Robin Says:

    Desperately after a 531 team replica for 6’2 frame if anyone has one spare?

  17. kevin Says:

    i have a raleigh record racing bike with the serial number ND200513 can someone tell me how old this bike is thanks

  18. kevin Says:

    sorry its nd2005013

  19. Oli Brooke-White Says:

    Hi there, I have just been shown this cool website of yours and I thought you might like to see the build log of a Team Raleigh restoration I did a few months ago on my website –

    I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Oli

  20. Gavin Campbell Says:

    Great list… It has been a fantastic inspiration.

  21. Mark Barry Says:

    I am selling my 753 Raleigh Track Bike. It is the bike I rode in the Los Angeless Olympics in 1984. It was built for me by SBD Ilkeston after being specifically desingened for me by Geral O’donovan himself. It is the twin of the bike ridden by Gordon Singleton. It is complete with Campag Record Seatpost, Cinelli bars an stem and has an SR Royale cranset given to me by the proprietor of SR when I competed in Japan in 1983. The Botom Bracket is a custom made Titananium Royce unit. I can offer a certificate of authenticity and photos of me on it if required – Let me know if you are interested as I would like it to go to someone who will cherish it!

    edit: finished in Team Red and is in pristine condition, size 54 cm

  22. bomal Says:

    ** Mark Barry

    hello there, can u please email me the pictures of the precious of yours..

  23. bomal Says:

    u can add me at my face book

    thanks a lot mark.!

  24. Bikephreak Says:

    I have had several of these over the years. I rode for Raleigh in the US in the 70s. I had a couple I should have kept… One Pro these days…

  25. Dave Cochran Says:

    I have a Raleigh bike that I am trying to find out more about. The serial # is SB6758. Can anyone help me?

  26. Wanted: Saddle and bottle cage for 1979 IT Releigh Team bike - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed Says:

    […] I've got an '82, this page is useful… […]

  27. Nick Says:

    I have a 1991(2) Raleigh Team Technium 753 bought new. White frame with Dura-Ace gear. Any takers?

  28. David S Says:

    Fascinating to see these old catalogues from my boyhood. I’m now looking to (finally) get a Team Frame (531 or 753) in the red team colours. Ilkeston or Worksop made. Happy to look at Looking for a minimum 57cm top tube. Does anyone have one?



  29. B. Somswasdi Says:


    I’ve got a Raleigh bike which look exactly like the „1984 | Team Replica 12 | Panasonic/Raleigh Racing Team Colors“ shown in the photo above, but with white saddle. I bough and used it when I was in Germany in 1986-7. Now I’m in Thailand, and I am trying to get the lost information about my beloved bike. The bike still in use for everyday excercise. Could you help, please?


  30. Greg Says:

    I have my Team Record that is 36 years old. I want to know if it has the Reynolds 753 or 531 Tubing. The Reynolds sticker under the seat post wore off from car carriers and my dorm room where I would hang it on my dorm wall.

    Frame number WB5000507. I have found the break down of the serial number but that does not tell me if it has Reynolds tubing at all.

    Also have a white Raleigh Record, serial # AH2?????



  31. Renato Says:

    Not for sure, but i dont think Raleigh built any „RECORD“ framekits from Reynolds 753 …

  32. Scott Says:

    Raleigh made the TEAM Raleigh Record in 1975-1976 but it was not the TEAM Raleigh. The Team Record was the bottom of the Raleigh line in 10 speeds that were sold as a „Looks Like“ the TEAM bikes but were priced around $100.00. It was Not Reynolds 531 or 753. Simply Steel tubing. I worked for Raleigh in Enid, Oklahoma and rode Team Raleigh on my 1974 Raleigh Pro (Blue Mink & Silver) prior to them going to the TEAM Yellow, Black, and Red colors. Still have my old 1974 Pro bike in mint condition.

  33. Shawn Says:

    Hi there, looking to buy an ’80’s 531 raleigh team panasonic 58/60cm bike if anyone has one. Thanks.

  34. vishwajit B.Sutar Says:

    i love raleigh road bikes i want one road bike for my races.i want bike in 50cm or 52cm because my height was 5’3 so please conform me please i am waiting.

  35. Raleigh Pro Frames - The 5th Floor Says:

    […] I’ve been hearing on the grape-vine recently that too celebrate Raleigh’s one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary the company are to build in limited numbers the iconic TI TEAM SPECIAL.Built from Reynolds 725 tubing(the modern equivelant to 531)Campag Group set,Mavic open pro wheels,and with components to recall the era as close as is possible. Made in limited numbers it will retail at £1995.00. I can’t find much more on it, if you know anything get in touch. Raleigh will figure somwhere in most of our childhood memories here in the UK and maybe through saturation we forget how iconic and competitive Raleigh have been, to see what I mean check out this rad resource of a timeline charting the Raliegh Pro timeline… […]

  36. Adam Says:


    I have aquired an unsticked Raleigh 58cm frameset recently.
    I understand from the 2 previous owners it to be a 753 tubing.
    Everything checks out with what I have researched so far.
    Campy drops etc etc.

    Serial # is WH8000330.
    W = Worksop (Carlton)
    H = June
    8 = 1988
    330th frame made.

    I have searched that and found what I need there, but want to confirm which „particular“ model frame it is so I can re-decal it
    once I have built it up.

    It has a Chrome fork & Dark Blue paint job (10yrs ago) & Dura Ace h/set.

    „Ti“ or „Team“ or „Technique“ etc.
    Were there different models built then or….??

    Hoping someone can help me,
    Raleighs are new to me, but keen to learn.

    Brisbane, Australia

  37. Bart Says:

    Hi, Greetings from Poland, I just buyed Raeligh Ti Rapide 531 but they doesnt have camapa ;/ breaks wienman and SR shifter, hubs etc… and Brooks Vitase 500 sadlle. Its mean this is replica or what?

  38. Renato Says:

    ja thats kind of lower level race bike in famous colors

  39. Peter Bjerg Says:

    Thanks for the amazing site.
    I have newly required a Raleigh Record Ace in Team Colours. I KNOW its not the same as the real team model, for example, it has eyelets on fork ends for mounting fenders, and it does NOT have Team written on top tube.

    But it seems to be more „high“ end than other examples of Record and Record Ace I can find. I simple cannot find any other examples of a similar bike. And I would like to know more about it, if you can guide me.

    Its in replica Team Colours. It has Reynolds 531 stickers on frame and fork. Its mounted mostly with Campagnolo Record (Mostly Nuovo Record but SR rear derail-ure). It has Mavic GP4 rims on Campagnolo Record hubs.

  40. Tim Bartlett Says:

    I purchased a Team Raleigh Record in 1984 when I was in college. Its been hanging in the garage since the early ’90s and I recently drug it out and cleaned it up for my son to ride. He really likes the vintage bikes. The serial number is NA8086358 which seems to indicate a build date of January 1978 in the Nottingham factory. The frame sticker is gone, so I’m not even sure of the steel quality. I would love to know exactly what I have, even if I find out its one of the economy models. I’ve got a few pictures if anyone can help me out. Regardless, it rides good, its reliable, and my son loves it. Any help would be appreciated.

  41. Says:

    I have recently acquired a special build Raleigh in 653 tubing finished in hi vis green , frame number B40485. Any info please , my email

  42. Justin Says:

    Hey everyone! I’m searching for „Team Raleigh“ frame set. It could be Team Raleigh professional, or Team Raleigh professional track. Maybe someone is selling it? I could buy it.

  43. Tez Watson Says:

    I wish I still had the bike I’m about to describe to you and regret selling it back in the late 80s when I was strapped for cash…

    I bought OD174 from H O Smiths in Copley Road, Doncaster (from Tony the owner) in 1975 and fell in love with it immediately. I was seventeen years old and it was my first decent bike, I paid £130.00 for it and a black Lutz tracksuit! Tony had known me for a few years and didn’t usually sell secondhand bikes, he knew my size and it was a perfect fit.

The frame was Reynolds 531 in team colours with fully chromed sloping forks, half chromed rear stays and fancy lugs.

    The running gear was almost all Campag Super Record (not on sale at that time) apart from the hubs that were Zeus (SFQR). The bars were Cinelli and the saddle a Brooks B17 (with larger than normal copper rivets), the brakes were very shallow and the rear clearance was minimal with very short stays. The rear drop outs were not vertical which meant the wheel could not be removed unless the tyre was deflated!

The Campag chainset was 53/42 onto a Regina 6 speed block and Regina Golden Oro chain, the block had quite a broad range 13 to 24 teeth. The rims were gold anodised Mavics which were 28 spoked (direct spoked) and it had silk Clements fitted.

    You can see why I was impressed…

I joined the RAF in February the next year and found out there were some criteriums at our training base (RAF Swinderby) and I rode across to watch. A burly old chap asked me if he could take a look at my bike, turned it over to read the frame number and then told me the following:

The bike was built at Ilkeston for Gerald O‘ Donovan hence the OD and in 1974 hence the 174. The old guy had worked at Ilkeston and what he told me seemed plausible.


I rode the bike extensively for the next ten years or so doing perhaps 8,000 or more miles a year. I sold it to a guy who said he only wanted the Super Record gear for £150.00 so I had great value out of her and loved every minute of my ownership.

Is the bike still around?

    Was the story I was told in my youth true?


I guess I could not afford to buy her back at todays prices sadly.

  44. Justin Says:

    Hello everyone! Could somebody help me with the team raleigh serial numbers? The serial number is WK8001523.
    W – Worksop (Carlton)
    K – July
    8 – 1978 or 1988?
    My frame was built 1523rd‘ So I don’t know 1978 or 1988 year. ;)

  45. Stuart Says:

    Hi can anyone help me I have a frame which I would like to build up to original spec I’m pretty sure from research and comments on here that it is a raleigh or more likely carlton the frame number is:
    It has similar forks to the raleigh team the one without the lugs and has cable brazings on top of the top tube

    Any help would be very welcome

  46. Michael Harvey Says:

    Can anyone tell me about my frame? WBK601376R,
    In the mid 1990’s, I had an 80’s tall Technium frame that broke at the back axle when I hit a bad set of RR tracks. When I took it to my local dealer here in Sarasota. FL to ask about repair, he said the Technium frame had a lifetime replacement guarantee. I got a 60mm frame with a serial number under the crank and a label of „Team Issue.“ It’s very difficult to read because of the layers of (original) white paint, but it looks like WBK601376R.
    If anyone can provide information or tell me how to read the code, I’d appreciate it. I’ve ridden it for years as my commuter bike with old Shimano Light Action derailleurs, but would like to know if I can update it with a newer groupset. I’m actually looking at a used Sora set. Any thoughts, anyone?

  47. Tony Carey Says:

    I have a TI Raleigh with a serial no: H160, can anyone give me some information about it.

  48. Renato Says:

    where is it located? under the bottom Bracket? is it 531? maybe H = Handsworth (UK) but there is a second letter missing before the numbers.

  49. Tony Carey Says:

    Yes it is under the bottom bracket, 531 tubing and no other Numbers or letters just H160. In the decals are the olympic rings and chromed back forks. Thank you for the reply

  50. Paniagua Says:

    On the hunt for a Raleigh Panasonic frame in good condition…55-57cm C-C, anybody setting at the moment of have any leads to where there might be one?

  51. Michael Helm Says:

    @Paniagua Maybe I have one.

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