1977 Raleigh Rampar R-5


Foto: comay

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  1. hi,my name is eno.
    can u help me to build just like u build….its for my son.
    when he look at your bicycle…..he said i want that…..dad….

    can u help me…….thanks.

  2. Hi, I have one,picked it up at auction a few months back. Did you happen to disassemble the front forks? I’m attempting to change seals, but can’t get the forks apart. Got the snap ring, but no more. Twisting it either clockwise or ccw will tighten the upper and lower legs, but there is a point in the middle where the fork seems to be free, although again, no success in separating the upper and lower legs.

    • Hi I once had one of these bikes when I was a kid.Are you planning on selling the bike you got at auction.let me know.I live in Seattle WA I would pay you anything and shipping.425-941-4992 that is my cell number.


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