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The Transatlanticway



The TransAtlanticWay ist ein ’self-supported‘, ungefähr 2500km langes Straßenradrennen von Dublin nach Cork. Rund 2200km davon führen hierbei die Westküste Irlands entlang über den sogenannten Wild Atlantic Way von Derry nach Kinsale. Alle Teilnehmenden die morgen am 17. Juni in Dublin an den Start gehen bekommen einen GPS-Tracker und können als blauer Punkt verfolgt werden. Ganz besonders freuen wir uns auf unsere beiden Transcontinental erprobten Liebglingspunkte Mathias & Matthias – viel Erfolg bzw. happy dotwatching!

“Having started as a complete novice it didn’t take me long to figure out speed was not in my DNA. As rides grew from 10 miles to 100 miles, so did the beard and a love of all things cycling. Last year I raced the 2014 London to Istanbul Transcontinental finishing in 7th place. This year I raced the TransAmerica from the West to East coast 4,350 miles in 21 days finishing 5th. On my return the most asked question after how many hours and miles I rode each day was ‘what’s next ?’ There are many bike packing adventures out there for mountain bikes but I couldn’t find many similar to the Transcontinental or TransAmerica specific to road bikes. So, a new challenge, a new adventure is born – the TransAtlanticWay bike race.”   Adrian O’Sullivan – TAW Race Director

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