Roads are the safest place


The emphasis on bikepaths tells people that they can ride only on bikepaths – Zur Diskussion um Fahrradwege

(…) (T)he roads are the safest place to be once you learn how to use them, and "they" owe us our place in the lane anyway. Let’s direct our efforts to making the roads more available to bicyclists, and bicyclists–ourselves–more able at using the roads. Learn how to ride safely, learn how to carry groceries, learn how to forgive the ill-mannered drivers who have not yet learned that to be slow and exposed can also mean to be free and alive. Almost everyone out there in those tin boxes is a potential bicyclist. It’s up to you to show them that it’s not only beautiful, but feasible. (…)

Aus dem 10 Jahre alten Artikel "Do We Really Need Bikepaths?" des bemerkenswerten Richard Risemberg, der den Nagel auf den Kopf trifft.


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